Poo Picking

Prices start from *£10       

Weekly                           Fortnightly                               Monthly                          Regular Clean (1 hour)         Special/One Off Cleans

   £10                                  £15                                             £30                                                    £15                                                        £35

Regular cleans must be pre-booked and paid in advance.  

Let us do your (your dogs) dirty work.. we can come in and clean up your garden, patio, field etc.  We will double bag your pets poo using biodegradable  bags and dispose of them.   If you wish we can then disinfect and deodorise the area, which of course will be pet and garden safe.  We try to be as green as we can by using earth and pet friendly products.

If you are unable to get into your garden and pick up after your pets for whatever reason, maybe you are elderly, pregnant, disabled, illness or accident, we can help.  Or maybe you love your pet but due to a busy schedule with work, kids, elderly parents you don't have time, or just really hate picking up after them, we can help.. No more arguing whose turn it is this week to get out there and pick up!  Simply give us a call and let us do the work.. 

We can do a simple one off poo pick (up to 1 hour) for a one off fee of just £15  Or maybe you have a special occasion coming up, such as a garden party or BBQ or other gatherings in your garden and you need a garden clean and the areas disinfecting and deodorising.   Or you are a landlord and the last tenants had pets and have left you with a garden to clean, then we can help with our Special/One off Cleans for £35

Dog Walking

60 minutes .……..………..............£11.00                (£5.50 per extra dog in family)

30 minutes (walk/visit)............. £8.00               (£4.00 per extra dog in family)

Solo Walks  30 minutes ........ £11.00        60 minutes ........ £16.00 (please note solo walks are only available before 11am or after 2pm approx)

Your dog will be walked in small groups of no more than 5.  We only walk up to maximum of 5 dogs at a time as we like to keep the groups small to maximise the amount of attention we can give to each individual.

Walks are tailor made for your dog and their abilities. We endeavour to keep all walks fun, whilst giving them the exercise they need.

*Saturday and Sunday walk rates

30 mins...... £12.00           60 mins ....... £16.50

**Bank Holidays  - We are generally closed for Bank Holidays and all walks on these days are at double rate

dog walk

Cat Visits/care visits

Per Visit................ £8.00

This service is for all animals, not just your feline friends.  We can call in  to your puppy, elderly dog  or any other pet who , for whatever reason cannot go out  for walks.  We will let them out to relieve themselves and clean up any mess they may have made, change litter trays and crates before giving them plenty of attention. We  will make sure they have  enough food and water and are comfortable before we leave.

Each visits lasts around 20-30 minutes.

We can also bring in post, close/open curtains and turn lights on/off and feed/water plants and fish etc. This gives you extra security to your home, especially if you are away for a few days or more.

**Bank Holidays  such as  Easter, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year are charged double rates.

cat visits